Healed from Paralysis by Rufus Nash

I was a Quality Assurance Specialist in the United States Air Force.  Soon after retiring,   I awoke one morning and was trying to get out of bed.   I feel to the floor and could not get up.  My wife asked “why are you down there?”  I was taken to the doctor.  He stated that I was paralyzed from the waist down and would probably never walk again.

I did not allow his words to discourage me, for I knew that God’s Word stated that by His stripes we are healed.  After going to various hospitals for testing, it was determined that a blood clot was located at the end of my spine.  I consented to having surgery for removal, yet I was not given much chance of walking again.

After surgery I was sent to a convalescent home for about thirty days.  There I received therapy. I began to get some feeling in the lower part of my body. On my return visit to my surgeon, he ran to get other doctors, stating the marvels of surgery. I know and wanted them to know that this indeed was the Lord’s doing and it was marvelous in our eyes. I am yet praising God for having mercy on me and healing my body and adding years to my life and life to my years.


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